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Metal Band Convulsif Tour in China

June 28, School Bar, Beijing
June 29, 7 Livehouse, Zhengzhou
June 30, The-Roof, Luoyang
July 1, BOO Livehouse, Taiyuan
July 2, Midie Livehouse, Xi’an
July 4, VOX Livehouse, Wuhan
July 5, Hong Coffee, Changsha
July 6, SD Livehouse, Guangzhou
July 7, B10 Live, Shenzhen

Getting ahead of the tradition of single music genre is always hard but interesting, Swiss band Convulsif is obviously one of those talented Swiss extreme metal bands that breaks the norms. They are not using guitar & bass & drum as these normal extreme bands did, but choosing the clarinet, violin, bass and drum to crash the old system of these usual types, but also create a new setup for their own metal spirit.

You can find the influences of black metal, sludge and noise music, which add more personal marks to their music than the other extreme metal bands. For example, the album “IV”, Convulsif used 8 songs to show us the ability to mix multiple genres. The wild black metal sounds from “Why hide” and the great sludge influence you can hear from “Two of A kind” which can make you recalled everyday after you listened once. These songs all show us their high skills of balancing different elements.

What’s more, Convulsif is one of best “LIVE band” if you know what I am talking about. Their freaking mask with the high emotion live will leave you an unforgettable memory. This summer, they will come to China and touch the Asian land to share their music. I am more than certain that their live will not let you down.

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