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Cie zeitSprung Staging in ACT International Theater Festival

Tour Schedule

Nov.10-11, Shouson Theater, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong
Nov.13-14, Beihe Theater, Nanjing
Nov.15-21, Performance and residency at Ming Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai
Nov.16-18, Workshops at Theater Academy, Shanghai
Nov.24-25, Shanghai International Dance Center, ACT Shanghai International Theater Festival, Shanghai
Dec.2-3, Heiluo Art Space, Chengdu
Dec.8-9, Yinzi Theatre, Chongqing

Cie zeitSprung was founded in 2013 by Meret Schlegel and Kilian Haselbeck after successfully touring their works “To be or Orthopadie” and the subsequent full length work “Orthopadie or to be”, both of which were met with critical acclaims. Meret has had a long and distinguished career in dance both on stage and off, performing across Europe and the U.S. Kilian started dancing with Hip Hop and was subsequently trained in ballet and contemporary dance. Meret and Kilian were receivers of dance award from the City of Zurich in 2013 and 2014 respectively. They have performed “Komplizen” at 2016 Beijing Dance Festival, and will return to ACT Shanghai with an upgraded version. Both tours received the support of Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council.

“Komplizen Reloaded” is an investigative exploration of what defines communities of people with a shared goal. The formation of such a community is not much different from that of a gang who accomplishes to rob a bank. Meret Schlegel, the mature dancer, is a ghost, a hostess and the gang leader centering the dance piece that is full of youthfulness, stoic composure and 70’s funk. The community is created and mixed together through elements of slapstick, silent movies and a celebration of breakdown. It empowers the audience to start their own gang and invites them to search for their own accomplices.

“Orthopadie or to be” shows two bodies: one young and athletic, the other older and delicate. What happens when the personalities of two dancers of different generations meet on stage? What does this clash of a very physical and explosive movement language and one that is more quiet and sensitive (maybe even fragile), evoke? This piece reflects generation and dance styles but even more it is about the meeting of two people, considers the differences and uniqueness of the individual bodies – and finding a way of making them work together and come together.

“This piece is stunning playful. It is a real discovery: an exhilarating, touching and provocative gift. It unexpectedly twists our way of looking and our concepts about cooperation; old and young; doing, wanting and what we are allowed to do.” –Rote Fabrik Zurich


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