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Take the Flight with Koqa Beatbox

Tour Schedule

March 30, Piston Livehouse, Wuxi
March 31, The Roof, Luoyang
April 1, Wuqiong Live Club, Xi’an
April 3, Nu Space, Chengdu
April 5, Vox Livehouse, Changsha
April 6, Maker Live, Fuzhou
April 7, Loopy, Hangzhou
April 10, Ola Livehouse, Nanjing
April 11, Dusk Dawn Club, Beijing

Koqa Beatbox is definitely a “live band”, it is mostly in a concert setting that the trio found its own energy and delivers it best. Armed with a strong stage experience, after having set foot on the best stages of Switzerland, the 3 musicians are determined to export their music and to meet a new audience, further away! China will be the first Asian country they set foot upon, with the support of Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council.

Koqa Beatbox is a band of beatboxing, drums and trumpet, mixing Hip-hop and electronic music, including jazz, ethnic music and dubstep. Swiss beatboxer Arthur Henry is joined in 2013 by Félix Fivaz (drums) and Paul Butscher (flugelhorn). Their shows offer original music and some captivating atmospheres. Since then, they have participated in influential festivals such as Montreux Jazz Festival, Paléo Festival, and Festi’Neuch.

About Koqa

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Koqa beatbox’s music is audacious. At the frontier between hip hop and jazz, and sometimes electro. It is sensitive and powerful at the same time. Its innovative character comes, among other things, from the association of three instruments – the voice/beatbox, the flugelhorn and the drums-resulting in a particular sound aesthetic.

Active since 2011, the band has found its typical sound and atmosphere. It is constantly looking to defy codes and take the path less travelled as by creating innovative projects. The use of loop-stations for beatbox and flugelhorn offers a lot of new harmonic possibilities, and the trio works had to bypass the technical constraints of this instrument and searches for new ways to construct songs with it.

You’ll find in their music, an earthy yet airy texture through which the captivating melodies of the Flugelhorn, wrapped in deep basses, take form. The organic rhythms support the whole and give it structure, it is well anchored to the ground, and later takes flight.


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