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Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain Infuses Energy into Chinese Jazz Clubs

Tour Schedule

May 3, JZ Club, Shanghai
May 4, The Bassment, Nanjing
May 5, On The Way Music House, Hefei
May 8, JZ Club, Guangzhou
May 9, B10, Shenzhen
May 10, Meeting Jazz Club, Xi’an
May 11, East Shore Jazz Café, Beijing

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Though the trio Christy Doran’s Sound Fountain is not primarily a “fountain of youth”, it is surely a collective, constructive, and ever flowing “fountain of sound”. This band has constantly explored the musical territories pushing to the limits of the standard guitar trio. Their music combines a vast amount of information, moods, different influences, complicated grooves or ones marching straight forward, abstract architectures or intricate melodies into an unconventional, unique stream that evolves gradually into a raging torrent with many whirlpools, which inevitably draw the listener into its depth.

After two tours in Argentina, Chile and Switzerland, Christy Doran’s SOUND FOUNTAIN is presenting the program of its current CD “Undercurrent” (live at “European Jazz Legends” Gütersoh) which will be released on Intuition Records in January 2018. Their first record “Belle Epoche” was selected by “NY City Jazz Record” as one of the “Best Albums of 2016”.

With the support of Pro Helvetia Shanghai, this trio is bringing their lively and progressive sound of music to jazz clubs and live houses of Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xi’an, and Beijing.

About the music:

The music of SOUND FOUNTAIN is a mixture of diverse influences from jazz, rock and ethnic to new classical music and free improvised music. Taking advantage of the sound possibilities of the standard formation of guitar, bass and drums, the three musicians explore surprising musical landscapes. They use a method that has interested them for a long time: interpreting composed and improvised music as a unity.

SOUND FOUNTAIN comes with a vast range of experiences from various musical situations – each of the three musicians could readily perform a solo concert. However, they play music in this trio that benefits their individual potential of interaction and surprise.

The three personalities, who grew up in greatly different music environments, generate substantial magnetic attraction and together develop an unsuspected creative potential, which unloads in versatile musical information: haunting melodies, catchy grooves, spherical moods and abstract musical textures, but the intensity comes from each individual and the trio is more than the sum of the three individuals. An energetic SOUND FOUNTAIN!

About the musicians:
Christy Doran – guitar & composition

His music is unmistakable, played by a wide variety of bands. His work is documented by substantial, worldwide concert activity and more than 70 CD recordings.

“Irish-born and Switzerland-based guitarist/composer Christy Doran is as close to a guitar god as you may ever hear. A powerful player with searing technique and a Hendrix-inspired sound, his genius and individuality lie in his improvisational skills, honed through years of playing with the likes of Phil Minton, Fredy Studer, Han Bennink, Ray Anderson, and others.” (Vancouver Jazz Festival)

Franco Fontanarrosa – bass & composition

Son of the know caricaturist and writer Roberto Fontanarrosa “El Negro”, is one of the most colorful music personalities of Argentina. He is a much sought-after accompanist, composer and band leader. For example, he is the leader of one of the most important Argentinian bands “La Mujer Barbuda” in Buenos Aires. He is firmly rooted in the Argentine music scene and has worked with the following artists and accompanied the following international musicians: David Fiuczynski, Akira Nakamura, Lenine, Raul Barbosa, Ruben Rada, Rodolfo Mederos and Luis Salinas.

Lukas Mantel – drums & composition

In addition to Sound Fountain, he plays in the following bands active internationally from the current Swiss jazz scene: Yves Theiler Trio, tre, Ghost Town and Buchers Organ Book and also has collaborated with musicians such as Pierre Favre & the Drummers, Wolfgang Zwiauer, Michael Bucher, Lucerne Jazz Orchestra, Vera Kappeler, Silvio Cadotsch, Rafael Schilt, Tobias Meier, Nat Su, Omri Ziegele, Christoph Stiefel, Vincent Membrez and many more.


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