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FIGHT! Palast #membersonly in China


Date: September 14-15, 19:30, 2018; September 16, 14:30, 2018
Venue: Nine Theater TNT Theater, Beijing Fringe Festival

Date: September 19-20, 19:30, 2018
Venue: Hangzhou Grand Theatre, Hangzhou Contemporary Theatre Festival

Co-produced by: Schlachthaus Theatre Bern / LOFFT – DAS THEATER, D-Leipzig / ROXY, Birsfelden-Basel
Supported by: Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council

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PENG! Palast is returning to China soon, bringing their dynamic and intensive play “FIGHT! Palast” to Beijing Fringe Festival and Hangzhou Contemporary Theater Festival. This play premiered in 2014 at the Schlachthaus Theatre in Bern, and was performed at Hong Kong Arts Center in 2017.

In their latest production PENG!Palast is dealing with the alleged freedom and self-determination of generation Y in a critical way. The substructure for this project was built from the actors own biographies, daily routines and experiences in badly paid side jobs, smelly and stuffy kick boxing basements and cozy support groups. Inspired by the novel “Fight Club” by author Chuck Palahniuk, PENG!Palast is creating its own fighting arena to live out its suppressed desires only to get knocked out by its own utopias. Only those who are willing to risk defeat have the ability to win. Will YOU be accepted? #membersonly!?

PENG! Palast is part of generation Y, who are all born in the 80ies, well-educated, ambitious and media-affine. We believe that we have every possibility, that we are free and self-determined. But at the same time our everyday lives are characterized by imposed concepts and standardizations. The media are forging or ideals. Our supposed freedom is an avatar which we are allowed to assemble from predefined modules. Our power is reduced to what we consume. For any problem there is an available remedy, the right pill to swallow or a “Like”.

FIGHT!Palast #membersonly sends the audience on an emotional and physical journey. As the play progresses, the audience will turn more and more into participating actors, who will experience the possibilities of acting and the thereby self-created alternative reality on stage.


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