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Nikola Mounoud and NuR Tour

Tour schedule

July 5, LMA, Macau
July 6, SAAL, Hong Kong
July 7, LOOPY, Hangzhou
July 8, Lofas, Shanghai

Two electronic wizards NuR and Nikola Mounoud (…), from Geneva and Montreux, will be performing in Macau, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, and Shanghai from July 5-8 during their two-month Asian tour entitled “Take off your paaaants!”. It is highly recommended to catch them during their sonic quest because it’s always difficult to predict their next return.

Sound artist and composer Nikola Mounoud has intensively toured China in 2017, teamed up with Chinese musician Mei Zhiyong. This year, he’s back to fill your ears with powerful and dynamic sonic blasts.

The total sonic fallout, conducted by severely screwed and always delayed sphere recordings, saturated with no reason, no logic, and no input. A nihilistic sound manifesto.

… (as known as Nikola H. Mounoud) processes analog, digital and hybrid feedbacks to produce unique, powerful and highly dynamic live performances where irresponsible noise, unexpected dense sonic blasts, and deep irrationality meet, allowing the audience to absorb the raw beauty of unleashed frequencies wrath.

(Banner: Original painting by L O O N Y)


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