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Tour schedule

October 19, E6 · Bentu One, Beijing
October 20, fRUITYSPACE, Beijing
October 23, YYT, Shanghai
October 24, Wen, Xi’an
October 25, 13 Lounge Club, Chengdu
October 27, TOP Art Space, Guangzhou
November 2, GEBI bar, Yiwu
November 4, Blind Lobby, Wenzhou
November 5, Maker Live, Fuzhou
November 6, Real Live, Xiamen
November 7, Dusk Dawn Club, Beijing

Swiss electronic musician POL organized a one-month tournée through China for his project INATENDO. He is accompanied by the Chinese sound and game artist Ban Lei and together they will hold live performances in eight cities.

Their collaboration was born in 2016, as POL was completing his fall residency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MoCA). The duo presented “Nongfu Spring” in a live sound performance, inspired by iron bells instruments found in every temple of China but with 4 liters water tanks instead of bells. Then in 2018, Ban Lei became our residency artist in Geneva where he continued his creative dialogue with POL, till it blossomed into new collaboration this October.

POL plays INATENDO Drone to the Bone, @ La Reliure, May 21, 2018

POL has been an electronic music producer since the early 1990s, nesting between the persistent electro dance and the dark backstage of the post-industrial civilization. At the decks or performing live, his footprints bring him to audiences either in the techno underworld of Geneva or clubs in Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, New York, and elsewhere around the world.

POL plays “INATENDO” as a live sonic improvisation show of electronic experimental ambient noise performed on 4 handheld obsolete Nintendo DS video-game consoles. The performance has an eery retro-futuristic strange visual aspect and is sonically astonishingly powerful. The visual content is inspired by dystopian anticipation movies from the ’80s with a magnifying glass and a TV simulator. The discrepancy between the overwhelming sonic presence and the apparently disconnected human interaction on stage adds to the weirdness of the experience.

POL and Ban Lei performing “DryHope x Dunhuang Chart”, Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai (MoCA), 2016

Ban Lei was born in 1990 in Shanghai, China. He was also best-known for his stage name ‘BANBANBANBAN’ as a sound and game artist.  In 2016, he produced and released the album «7/21» at the “HU” from Geneva, Switzerland. In 2018, he supported by the Pro Helvetia Shanghai for a three-month residency in Geneva’s EoFA. During the stay, a new gesture instrument was created using a 3D game engine and a hand-capture sensor, the first version being named “Resonance“. This work participated in ‘EYE’S WALK DIGITAL ART FESTIVAL’ and ‘IN VIRTO’ sound art exhibition. 

“The work was inspired by my habits changed during the residency in Geneva. I felt that more physical activity can generate more energy and more satisfaction. So I used a richer limb. Sport and the virtual world dialogue, try to explore a more recent balance between the real world and the digital world.”

Ban and Resonance, @Casale, Matera, September 1, 2019

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