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“psD Against The Epidemic” Gathers Message from Designers

psD Against The Epidemic

Online showcase date: February to April 2020
Offline exhibition date: June to August 2020 (TBD)
Supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council

The power station of DESIGN (psD, design part of the Power Station of Art) launches “psD Against The Epidemic,” a special design campaign to raise awareness of the Covid-19 epidemic.

“psD Against The Epidemic” is a humanitarian campaign designed to raise public awareness through the eyes of a graphic designer. The main objective is to enhance solidarity in this fight engaged as much by society as a whole as each individual.

psD has invited twenty graphic designers/designer groups based locally or abroad to each design a poster as a response to the current situation. They encourage the participants to use the intuitive and visceral language of graphic design to empathetically engage everyone affected by the disease, while taking an active stance toward public discussion and reflection.

The poster design will first be published electronically to the PSA’s official WeChat account, and later physically produced and presented in a public space in or out of the PSA.

© Neo Neo, Courtesy of psD
Neo Neo

“Covid-19 is spreading very fast. To stop the virus people need to be united and all respect the safety instructions. A clear, simple and direct message can really motivate people to participate and play their roles. Design can help with that!”

Neo Neo is a Swiss-based studio specializing in art direction and graphic design. It was set up in Geneva by Thuy-An Hoang and Xavier Erni in 2010. Neo Neo partners with artists, cultural institutions as well as private companies to produce creative and contemporary concepts and designs. The studio area of expertise ranges from editorial design, visual identities, typography, posters and all kinds of printed matter to web design, signage systems and scenography. Over the years Thuy-An and Xavier developed a transdisciplinary approach and are now sharing their time between visual communication, curating, publishing and teaching. Since 2011 they have been publishing Poster Tribune a poster-dedicated magazine. In 2015, they launched the Print Program – an exhibition and archive platform dedicated to printed matter and graphic design. Since 2015 they are lecturers at HEAD–Genève, Geneva University of Art and Design.

© oficio, Courtesy of psD

“Unprecedented current coronavirus pandemic forced us to slow down our frenetic rhythm of life. Made us think about us as a humankind and not only as individuals.

That give us the unique opportunity to rethink the way we are living, thinking. It makes us realise how small and vulnerable we can be. But most important, I think, it gives us the chance to imagine new possibilities, new paradigms, new ways to interact with nature and with one each other. Possibilities are endless. POSSIBLE IS HERE AND NOW.”

Pablo Lavalley, born in Mexico City (1971), lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland, since 2006. He does art direction, editorial and branding design, stage design and museography, visual communication strategies. Mainly in the field of arts and culture. His work has been published in many international design reviews. His posters have been selected by the International Poster Biennale in Mexico, the International Poster Biennale in Warsaw / Poland, the Trnava Poster Triennial / Slovakia, the Toyama Poster Triennial / Japan and the 100 Beste Plakate / Germany, Austria & Switzerland. oficio is his graphic design studio.


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