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Design and Architecture

Fabio Hendry at Matter Matters Festival


Exhibition: Matter Matters – Hongkong Land City Art Festival
Time: August 8-September 6, 2020
Venue: Hangzhou Canal Culture Publishing Center

“Matter Matters – Hongkong Land City Art Festival” invites 34 global frontier designers, artists, scientists, and material creators. They gather for a series of inspirational clashes, social experiments, and dualistic dialogues with the hope to re-sew the personal connections and social fabrics that have been forcefully torn apart.

Participant Fabio Hendry is a young Swiss designer. His brand fosters material innovation and experimental engineering to present a bold manufacturing process. During this festival, he will display Hot Wire Extensions, a method to recycle waste nylon powder from 3D printing.

Matter Matters Festival

The global instability has given us a chance to both strip old mindsets and embrace new developments in New Materials that would otherwise gone unnoticed. “We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down”. Kurt Vonnegut’s remark at the end of the last century appears more fitting than ever today. The sudden “social distancing“ temporarily prevents human interaction, yet it also gives us an ample amount of time to reflect on material, spirituality, and creativity. We gradually realize that the objects we have taken for granted appear differently now. So we start asking. What makes a material meaningful? What materials truly add value to society? Where do everyday objects come from? And where will they go? What do we need to prepare, both physically and mentally, for the upcoming post-pandemic lifestyle?


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