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Sino-Swiss Dialogues on Structure


Edition I: September 11, 2020, 16:00-18:00 (GMT+8)
Edition II: September 12, 2020, 16:00-18:00 (GMT+8)
Other dates keep updated.

Structures are undisputedly one of the most important aspects of construction culture, and both Swiss and Chinese engineers and architects have been very productive in this field. Switzerland has a unique way of thinking about resistance and structural durability, while China is a leading role in the field of mega infrastructure. The architectural practices of the two countries are also exploring issues of architecture and structure in their respective contexts.

We hope that this dialogue will allow architects and engineers from different systems to get to know each other better. We hope that the discussion will be of professionalism in content and participatory in context. We look forward to the technical and cultural interest that Swiss professionals may bring, and to the regionalism that Chinese professionals may show to their counterparts around the world.

Organized by Juanzong Books and Eureka! Touring Library, Sino-Swiss Dialogues on Structure is  supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council. During the Eureka! Touring Library in September until October 2020, we will invite Chinese and Swiss architects and engineers to bring a series of online talks on the subject of structure to the Chinese audience.

Juanzong Books is a bookstore matrix project initiated by Huasheng Media Group. The first architecture bookstore is a joint effort with Aranya, which aims to be the most effective architectural and cultural base in China. We have united architects and scholars around the world, bringing together independent architectural publishing houses and academic publishers to create a cluster of architectural bookstores in China. In the future, Juanzong Books will bring quality architectural content to the industry and the public.

Eureka! Touring Library – books, ideas and communities of architecture, is initiated by Juanzong Book. It brings together the world’s leading independent and academic publishing houses that dedicate to the contents of architecture. Eureka! Touring Library showcases the best of the year’s newest publications, the private libraries of master architects, and collector’s editions.

Edition I

Moderator: Liaohui GUO (dipl. Arch. USI – AAM)
Speakers: Yichun LIU (Principal Architect of Atelier Deshaus) (Keynote Speech: A Sensitive Structure)
Pascal Flammer (dipl. Arch. ETH / SIA, Founder & Principle Architect of Pascal Flammer Architekten) (Keynote Speech: Some Structural Buildings and What I Also Like)
Tilo Herlach (Founding Partner of HHF Architects) (Keynote Speech: How do we build?)

Edition II

Moderator: Yang YU (dipl. Arch. USI – AAM / SIA)
Speakers: Hao WANG (Principal Architect of Atelier Untitled Architects) (Keynote Speech: New Chinese Wooden House – The Sustainability of Wooden Architecture)
Marcel Santer (Founding Partner of ilg santer Architekten) (“Poetic” Potential of Structure by Studying the Requirements and Creating an Interaction between Structure, Technique and Space)
Matteo Inches (Founding Partner of Inches Geleta Architetti) (Keynote Speech: Frame · Work)


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