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Selection for Folding the Axis: Seeking New Cultural Exchange Formats

Folding the Axis: Fighting for Memory

Folding the Axis

The Covid-19 pandemic has drastically reduced mobility and hindered the connection and exchange with art practitioners from other corners of the world. In this unprecedented time, the rules of the cultural sector are tested, and art activities of the year being shelved. Since June 2020, we have launched this open call as a channel to collect new formats of exchange, international networks or platforms, and experimental forms of artistic collaboration. Finally, we have selected 6 projects that provide ideas to sustain conversation in the times of pervading immobility.


Fighting for Memory: A Special Issue of One-way Street Journal 2020 is the 25th issue of One-way Street Journal. This journal has invited writers from different countries to record and reflect on their experience and observation in 2020. It includes 24 articles and vision work from 33 artists all around the world.

The journal has started a round of promotions with posters, videos and texts and initiate a topic #Fighting for Memory# on the internet for everyone to participate by posting their precious memories of this year. In the upcoming days, they will initiate a forum, an online or offline talking event, together with the contribution writers and international partners of this special issue.

In the future, they will extend the forum into an insistent and long-term project which involves more writers and editors abroad and more creative activities. They intend to invite Swiss artists to join as well and it will be a direct way to introduce Swiss writers and their works into China.

One-way Street Journal is one of the partners of Reportagen. A series of short passages from Reportagen is an important part of the 25th issue. They have participated in the True Story Award launched by Reportagen and intend to collect 5 of the prize-winning works and put them into publication next year.

About the team

One-way Street is a quarterly literature journal based in Beijing, owned by One Way Space, a 15-year independent bookstore. They publish fiction and non-fiction works from young and emerging writers and artists around the world. They also run social media accounts, produce podcasts and documentary films, hold book readings and literature awards.


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