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Visual Arts

AATB at APSMUSEUM’s dual exhibition with Hu Jieming


Artists: AATB, Hu Jieming
Date: August 18-November 30, 2021
Venue: Floor1 & No. 301, Floor3, L+ MALL, Shanghai
Co-Organizers: Art Pioneer Studio, L+ Mall
Support: Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council; Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Association, OUTPUT, JIUZHI, ShanghART
Acknowledgment: MOLESKINE

This fall, we are supporting a dual exhibition “Stained Glass” at APSMUSEUM in Shanghai. This exhibition contains works of Swiss artist group AATB and Chinese new media artist Hu Jieming, presenting the theme of “Art and Artificial Intelligence” in the form of non-industrial robots, video, photography, and installation. The multi-sited art exhibition explores the possibilities of combining art and technology. This will be the first presentation of AATB in China, displaying their works “Handshake” and “Soap Opera”.


AATB is the collaborative practise of Andrea Anner and Thibault Brevet, both graduated from ECAL, and were nominated of several Swiss Design Awards. They extend the function of robots from the realm of mechanic production and explore the most cutting-edge ways of using robotic arms and Artificial Intelligence. The works of AATB’s robotic arms showcase a variety of artistic, interactive, and playful combinations of movements, which personifies cold machines, depicting stories from everyday life, glowing in a colorful atmosphere.

Hu Jieming

New media artist Hu Jieming uses various art forms to explore the ways in which art and technology can be incorporated. Through video, photography, and installation, the artist focuses on the studies of light and color and works from the familiar memories of our daily lives, taking site-specific elements and creating spatial and scenic changes through the division and fusion of “windows”, evoking our inner emotions. In the artist’s works, the interplay of abstraction and concreteness collides with the surrounding environment, opening windows of imagination between the flow of light and shadow.

“Stained Glass”

The romantic and mysterious stained glass windows have been both artistic and decorative for more than a thousand years, and the interplay of light and color still triggers the imagination of people in the face of time. As the twentieth-century American art historian Carol Duncan states in her article The Art Museums as Ritual, people nowadays often find peace and transcendence in art. In the time of recurring pandemics, we hope to provide a refuge place through the exhibition, creating a place of meditation for the public in a dazzling mix of light and shadow, and bringing a little more warmth to life.

“Stained Glass” presents a dual exhibition in which the Chinese and Swiss artists explore art and artificial intelligence. On the one hand, it uses the language of art to beautify the chaos of the outside world and the fast-moving sense of commerce, immersing people in the artistic atmosphere; on the other hand, it is a way to see the outside world through the window of art.


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