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“Flow: graphics in motion” at 2022 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival

Flow: graphics in motion——OCT-LOFT Creative Festival 2022
Date: November 9, 2022- January 5, 2023
Venue: C2 Space, North District, OCT-LOFT, Shenzhen
Curators: Liu Gang / Roy Terhorst
Visual design: Thonik / the PIN projects
Space design: Liu Ziyue
Organizer: the PIN projects
Guidance: the Publicity Department of Shenzhen Nanshan District Committee
Support: Shenzhen Graphic Design Association; Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council; British Council

Participating artists:
A BLACK COVER DESIGN, Erich Brechbühl, another design, Daniël Maarleveld, Dirk Koy, Studio Dumbar/DEPT®, DIA studio, Transwhite Studio, Studio Feixen, Tomohiro Okazaki, Kiel D Mutschelknaus, Connor Campbell, STUDIO NA.EO, Lucas Zanotto, Rob en Robin, Ordinary People, Cecilia Erlich, Kyuha Shim, Yehwan Song, ReflexDesign, Thonik, Simon François, Xavier Monney, Zach Lieberman, Jennifer Sterling

Studio Feixen and Xavier Monney are invited to display their motion graphic designs during the 2022 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival.

With the change in information dissemination methods and the advancement of media and technology in the new media era, graphic design has also been developing in the direction of three-dimensional and even interactive thinking, transitioning from the original static graphic to motion graphic design.

The exhibition theme of the 2022 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival is “Flow: graphics in motion”, which not only summarizes the evolution and popularization process of contemporary graphic design forms from being static to motion, but also implies that the change of cutting-edge trends in design has never stopped. Under this theme, in addition to the offline exhibition, which shows hundreds of representative works by world-renowned designers and studios, eight groups of exhibiting designers and studios are especially invited to give online lectures.

The first exhibition in China themed on motion graphics, presenting global motion media trends in a “one-stop” manner

As the first exhibition of motion graphics in China, “Flow: graphics in motion” will open up a creative and insightful path for the audience during the 2-month long exhibition period. The exhibition presents more than 100 motion graphic design works by 25 top designers and studios from 10 countries, curated from seven dimensions of “typeface”, “movement”, “branding”, “poster”, “exhibition”, “crossover of traditional graphic design” and “experimental works”, including works of motion guides, logos, posters and other forms of commercial cases. There are works of designers’ daily practice to explore diversified attempts at visual presentation. There are also works of them trying to break through the limitations of design tools and bringing in the possibility of participation in design by the public, or empowering the communication experience through their own technical exploration in peripheral fields such as interaction and programming.

8 groups of top designers and studios live online, decoding the cutting-edge trends of the creative design industry

In addition to the presentation of the offline exhibition, this OCT-LOFT Creative Festival also has an online program, which explores and discusses motion graphics, based on the current diverse, dynamic and social trends in graphic design and from multi-narrative and multi-cultural perspectives. During the exhibition, the organizer will team up with Design360°, a well-known design media in Asia to invite 8 different groups of exhibiting artists and studios from different countries to give a series of exciting online lectures for both design professionals and the general public. Erich Brechbühl, Thonik, Studio DIA, and Studio Dumbar/DEPT® are among the “pioneers” who have led the change in the concept of motion graphics. 8 groups of guests will share their understanding and practice of motion graphics via live streaming, and discuss with the audience how current design can broaden its own boundaries and bring more interesting possibilities to life.

About 2022 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival

Established by OCT-LOFT in 2007, the creative festival has continuously explored and broadened the boundaries between technology and cultural creativity from cutting-edge creative and design perspectives, through exchanges and discussions on different topics. The 2022 OCT-LOFT Creative Festival not only opens a door of “inspiration” for more than 300 art, creative and design companies located at the park, but also echoes Shenzhen’s urban cultural temperament as a “design capital” with openness and inclusiveness by inviting both the industry and the public to participate.

About the artists

Xavier Monney

Xavier Monney is a 28-year-old Graphic Designer from Lausanne, Switzerland. He started Graphic Design in 2014 following a deep passion for graffiti and skateboarding. He fells in love with illustration and poster design, especially when he discovered the works of designers like Felix Pfaeffli and Erich Brechbuehl, who combined typography and 3D graphics in a very smart way. He taught himself 3D software and motion design alongside his Graphic Design training, and eventually got the chance to get his work acknowledged in the graphic design community and therefore had the opportunity to collaborate with amazing people and brands. He is currently a Senior Designer at Apple.

Studio Feixen

Studio Feixen is an independent Design Studio based in Lucerne, Switzerland that creates visual concepts. Their language is clear, powerful and imaginative, typography becomes an image, color space and graphics a part of urban space. They focus specifically on nothing in particular. Whether it’s graphic design, interior design, fashion design, type design, or animation – as long as it challenges them – they are interested.


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