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The New Voice Project Seeks Literary Exchange

Apply now

Calling for: Short Story, Non-fiction Writing and Poetry
No word limit, all languages possible
Deadline: September 30, 2023


New Voice Project is initiated by One-way Street Journal, which is a Chinese literary journal owned by OWSPACE, a 19-year-old independent bookstore in Beijing, and supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council, with five independent literary journals and platforms as our partners, Specimen. The Babel Review of Translations in Switzerland, Jalada Africa in Africa, HEAT in Australia, The Stinging Fly in Ireland and Cardenal Revista Literaria in Mexico.

The whole project will last from 2023 to 2024, and in this period, we will be devoted to exploring new approaches to literature and building up a new space for communication through online meetings and workshops in the post-epidemic era. In the meantime, by collecting representative works in respective languages in three genres, “Short Story”, “Non-fiction Writing” and “Poetry”, and inviting fiction and non-fiction writers and poets at home and abroad, we hope it can jump out of the mainstream mindset and identify new writings in cross-lingual discussions, bringing together a new group of experimental and independent writers, and providing them with support for translation, editing, and publication. If possible, we will invite overseas writers to China for literary residency, and to rejoin face-to-face international cultural activities.

New Voice Project aims to supplement, even counter single literary standard, revive communication between different cultures, and restate the spirit of dialogue, cooperation, and solidarity as an indispensable part of human society.

New Voice Project is one of the winners of «To-gather» International Collaboration open call. This call supports 2–3-year collaborations between partners in Switzerland and in the regions of the Pro Helvetia liaison offices.

One-way Street Journal

One-way Street Journal is a quarterly literary mook based in Beijing, owned by OW Space, an 18-year independent bookstore. We publish fiction and non-fiction works from young and emerging writers and artists around the world. We also run social media accounts, produce podcasts and documentary films, and hold book readings and literature awards, aiming to become the leading literary mook for the current and next generation of readers in modern China.


Specimen is an entirely multilingual web magazine that opposes blanket globalization by embracing our multifaceted world in all its diversity through a heightened dialogue among languages, places, and voices. With an inclination for second languages and hybrid forms, Specimen engages an ever-expanding network of writers, artists, and thinkers, fostering relation and linguistic hospitality as the core of its approach. Specimen features fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and their mixes and hybridizations, in the original language and an ever-growing number of translations.


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