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She Got Game: Selected participants

Pro Helvetia has launched its first-ever call for participation for women in the interactive media sector with «She Got Game». This mentoring and networking programme aims to strengthen equal opportunities in the game industry, both in Switzerland and in the regions overseen by Pro Helvetia’s liaison offices.

«She Got Game» is designed to break down barriers to access, qualification, networking and visibility for women in the game industry. It offers participants one-on-one mentoring with proven experts as well as online lectures, peer-to-peer forums and an opportunity to showcase their work. The manifold offerings enable promoting entrepreneurial and professional competencies and achieving practical objectives.

From China, the following game industry professionals were selected to participate in «She Got Game» programme:

Han Na, China
Project “Miss Peacock”, a horror-themed computer role-playing game, where the player will experience various events in the main storyline.
Mentor: Allison Yang Jing, Game Director and Researcher

Xu Ruixiang, China
Project “Elegy Written in A Graveyard”, a walking simulator focusing on narrative and spatial experience. Players will explore the story of an architect’s death in his posthumous work.
Mentor: Yasemin Günay, Co-Founder, Koboldgames

Cui Yingting, China
Project “Decomposer”, a 3D educational game simulating earthworms’ role in the ecosystem aimed to develop knowledge about agroecology.
Mentor: Dasha Nasonova, Game Designer and Architect, Founder of Adagia

We are equally pleased to announce the game industry professionals from Switzerland, Nigeria, Kenya, Russia and Tunisia who were also selected to participate:

Kathleen Bohren, Switzerland
Project “Accalmie”, an atmospheric game inspired by mechanics found in meditation.
Mentor: Dasha Nasonova, Game Designer and Architect, Founder of Adagia

Léa Coquoz, Switzerland
Project “Tom the postgirl”, narrative game, where story is told without any narrator or words but only through glimpses into the villager’s intimacy.
Mentor: Poornima Seetharaman, Director of Design, Zynga; Women in Games Ambassador

Aurélie Haymoz, Switzerland
Project “Aku Rebirth of Shadows, a 2D platform game intertwining action and exploration phases, where the player, at the controls of a little dragon named Aku, is immersed in a poetic, dark and mysterious universe.
Mentor: Natasha Skult, Founder and CEO, MiTale; IGDA Chair

Julia Jeann, Switzerland
Project “Don’t Be Estranger”, an immersive experience game based on horror narrative, aimed to reflect a pivotal age of leaving school and starting adulthood.
Mentor: Stephanie Darrah, Business Development Manager, Playtonic Ltd

Lúcia Ribeiro, Switzerland
Project “Math Ascension”, an educational tower builder aimed to develop math knowledge through frantic duels of multiplication and fast calculations.
Mentor: Dajana Dimovska, Co-CEO and Business Development Manager, NapNok Games, CEO Indium Play

Natasha Sebben, Switzerland
Project “Psychotic Bathtub – The Story of an Escalating Mind. And Ducks”, is a multilinear indie story game about a psychotic disorder.
Mentor: Allison Yang Jing, Game Director and Researcher

Luciana Vigano, Switzerland
Project “Pocket Oasis”, a hand painted game where the player can create their own virtual balcony in a city around the world.
Mentor: Violetta Leoni, Executive Producer, One-O-One Games

Nastasya Myakinina, Russia
Project “In the darkness”, a game where story is told by environments, lights and darkness.
Mentor: Stephanie Darrah, Business Development Manager, Playtonic Ltd

Asya Volodina, Russia
Project “Venice of fish”, a game based on story of ecological catastrophe from the posthuman point of view aimed to see the situation around ecology, history preservation, and relationship between humans and not human agents in a new perspective.
Mentor: Natasha Skult, Founder and CEO, MiTale; IGDA Chair

Deepanjali Sarna, India
Project “Underground Days”, a game based on decision making visual novel with puzzles aimed to raise awareness on mental health issues.
Mentor: Violetta Leoni, Executive Producer, One-O-One Games

Monica Selvandurai, India
Project “Untitled Bakery Game”, a semi-casual management simulation where the player grow and expand bakery business while keeping up with current trends and customer expectations.
Mentor: Chriss Vasquez Reyes, Producer, Gamaga; Partner and COO, Racoon Party Games; PR, Iguanabee

Cherifa Ghalba, Tunisia
Project “The secret Tomb”, a game based on myths and legends of ancient times.
Mentor: Chriss Vasquez Reyes, Producer, Gamaga; Partner and COO, Racoon Party Games; PR, Iguanabee

Suzan Adinoyi, Nigeria
Project “AFROCITY PI”, a spot the difference game where the player can train her or his investigative mind, a great platform to communicate, educate and promote culture.
Mentor: Martina Santoro, Founder, OKAM studio; Founder, Latam Video Games Federation

Lois Dooshima, Nigeria
Project “Survival Skater”, a mobile game, based on story of a post-apocalyptic world, where humanity has suffered a major crises
Mentor: Sithe Ncumbe, Associate Producer, Nyamakop; Strategic Advisor, Black Game Developer Fund

Adeline Tushabe, Kenya
Project “Two Halves”, a game that developing creative thinking of the player
Mentor: Yasemin Günay, Co-Founder, Koboldgames



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