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Gabriela Loeffel | 2018 Residency

Mainland China | Visual Arts

April 2-June 30, 2018 — Visual Arts

Nationality: Switzerland
Residency location: Shanghai, Beijing
Partner organization: N/A

Gabriela Loeffel was born in Oberburg in 1972, and currently works and lives in Geneva and Bern. She is the laureate of the Swiss Art Awards in 2011 and 2016. She was listed among “Collection Cahiers d’Artistes” by Pro Helvetia in 2015.

Her art practice mainly deals with video installation built upon laborious research and focus on topics such as politics, economy, and war. She explores situations where reality meets fiction, and manipulates cinema’s techniques to exposes the contradictions of today’s society.

Her project in China will be based her research observing the political and economic apparatuses around Shanghai’s Free-Trade Zone (FTZ), dissecting frameworks of the border zones, and developing photographs and audios from her explorations. The seeable in the photographs and the hearable of the non-visible in the recordings constitute a common space that treats the borders of FTZ as non-lieu. As one of the world’s key financial capitals, the metropolis of China will provide her the ideal platform of her research and creation. Interviews and close observation are in prospect.

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