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Jeronim Horvat | 2024 Residency

Mainland China | Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Nationality: Switzerland
Residency location: TBD

Jeronim Horvat is an artist based in Basel, born 1991 in Berlin. Working with various media and materials, he mostly works with sculpture, painting and installation. He also has a curatorial practice. Jeronim graduated with an MFA in Basel, Switzerland at Institut Kunst, HGK FHNW in 2021 and was previously studying Fine Arts Burg Giebichenstein, Halle (Saale), Germany. Most recent exhibitions include 2023 at ANCO, Ancona, Italy, 2023 at Galerie Kleindienst, Leipzig, Germany, 2022 at il Museo delle Mura, Rome, 2022 at WAF Gallery, Vienna and 2022 Liste Art Fair Special Projects, Basel.

“I deal with the question of contemporary sculpture, connected with observation and analysis of economic and market events, the social anchoring of mythology in our society and the contrasts that we encounter in everyday life. Since 2014 I have been following various financial markets, observing the exchange of traders in online forums. The effects of economics are ubiquitous in culture, politics and everyday life. This topic increasingly finds its way into my current artworks, besides personal confrontations that are connected with it. In my current work, I have appropriated the shape of market charts, the daily trading volume as sculpture and medium. The choice of material and applying different techniques to attack it opens many layers of association to play with. From renaissance armour, Sumerian ledgers, the development of symbols into memes, as well as a generic output of thought, to lose and find oneself in the question of originality and copy, a search for human identity and memory in the echoes of alienated shapes and surfaces of capital.

Shanghai has a long and complex history as a site of economic exchange and financial innovation, and I would like to explore this history and its relevance to my artistic practice. Moreover, I am curious about Shanghai’s fintech scene and its architecture. I believe that this could offer me new insights and inspiration for my artwork. In addition to its economic relevance, Shanghai is a dynamic cultural center, with a thriving arts scene that draws upon influences from across Asia and beyond. During my stay, I intend to engage with this art scene, to exchange ideas and perspectives with local artists and cultural institutions in order to deepen my research, visit local workshops, and produce new sculptures with local facilities and experts, with the goal of a potential exhibition. ”

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(Photo by Gina Folly)


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