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Mao Zhu & Li Kun | 2021 Residency

Switzerland | Music

2021 — Music

Nationality: China
Residency location: TBD
Partner organization: TBD

Mao Zhu and Li Kun are a musician and artist couple. The two artists started steady collaboration in cross-media performance arts since 2012. They have created several cross-media performance works, like “Triple worlds” (2012), “Cross-media Creation” (2013), “Folk Mimic” (2017), “Yōkai Suite II” (2019).

With a keen interest in monsters and ghosts culture, they expect to explore the ghost stories of Switzerland. What kind of stories about monsters and ghosts spread around the “Roof of Europe”, and how will they differ from Chinese monsters? What is the relation between people and monsters in Switzerland? The duo hopes to collaborate with local Swiss musicians to create new works in the collision of different cultures starting from the “monster” exploration.

Mao Zhu

Born in 1981 in Chengdu, now an associate professor of Music Composition at Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Since 2003, Mao Zhu’s music has been featured in domestic and international music festivals, collaborating with orchestras and musicians from all over the world.

As a composer, Mao Zhu’s works cover many genres, including solos, chamber, orchestral, choral, improvisation music, and experimental sound art.

More about Mao Zhu: Youtube, Soundcloud

Li Kun

A new media artist based in Chengdu. He is running new media workshops as well as teaching at Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Li Kun takes an active part in the field of contemporary art both at home and abroad. His work has been featured in various art exhibitions, like UP-ON International Live Art Festival 2008-2018, Singapore International Festival of Art 2012, and more.

Li Kun creates artwork by using hardware/software/wetware, exploring new possibilities in art expression. His works include installation, music, vision and interactive project, and have been exhibited in both concerts, museums and open public spaces.


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