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Selena Lu | 2019 Research Trip

Chinese Taiwan

Aug.8-19, 2019

Nationality: China
Trip location: Taipei

Selena Lu is invited by Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council to participate at 2019 Taipei Arts Festival. Following Singapore in 2017, Pro Helvetia launched Seminar in Taipei a year later, in collaboration with the Taipei Arts Festival. It enables a dozen young arts practitioners to attend performances, hold discussions under the guidance of a specialist, meet professional artists performing at the festival, and exchange ideas on proposed subjects. Pro Helvetia Shanghai has invited Huang Jiadai, Sun Xiaoxing, and Lai Huihui to take part in previous seminars.

Selena Lu is theatre director and deviser based in Shanghai, co-founder of experimental theatre ensemble _ao_ao_ing. Trained with psychological and sociological imaginations, Selena aspires to use the theatre-making process as a means for self-discovery, group-healing, community-building, social documentation and all possibilities of changes.

Past projects include: “The Way to Walden” (following a group of former students from a bankrupt art college (2015- ), “Quiet” (inspired by MH370 incident and its significant others, 2016- ), “Period Pain Monologues” (cross-cultural forum theatre, 2015), “You Are My Water” (social experiment on intimate relationship, 2018), “As I Lay Dying” (workshopping with hospice volunteers, 2019- ); ensemble work including: “Tourists Like Us” (audio city tour series, 2018- ), “Annata” (not a real drag show, 2019).

(Banner image from “Annata”, 2019.)


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