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Yannick Barman | 2018 Residency

Mainland China | Music

June 1-30, 2018 (Shanghai), July 1-Aug.26, 2018 (Beijing) — Music

Nationality: Switzerland
Residency location:  Beijing
Partner organization: TBD

Born in St-Maurice in 1973. This Jazz and electronical acoustic show includes both visuals and music. The artist plays trumpet and computer, accompanied by live electronic music. The compositions are realized from trumpet’s sounds, sampled and transformed then added with electronic beats. The result is the extraction of a new sound potential from the trumpet.

Yannick Barman can be called a crossover artist. Starting out as a classical Jazz artist, Barman soon started to take an interest in electronical music. From that point on he integrated computers into his sounds. Because of his delicate beats and ambient-sound background he gets invited to projects by Jazz as well as Classical musicians and tours around Europe, Asia and Africa. He has repeatedly cooperated with the European Orchestra.

Stalker, the new solo project of Yannick Barman in honor of Tarkovsky, was first inspired by images captured during his previous solo tours in Europa, Russia and Asia, from 2012 to 2015. These raw photos and videos, often in black and white, are used for the visual, and are also the inspiration of electronic compositions, tinged with blues inflections and distorted trumpet recalling a film and curiously narrative universe. All sounds and images can be combined endlessly, creating every time strange little scenarios. The viewer-listener can interpret it very freely, according to its sensitivity.

Yannick Barman presented his debut performance in 2016 at Lab47 in Beijing and CAC in Shanghai. In 2017, he has played at JZ Festival, OCT LOFT, and other highly-acclaimed events. During his residency, he plans to develop the network of concerts and continue his research for images and videos, as well as creating new compositions.

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