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Yu Erge | 2022 Residency

Switzerland | Dance

2022 — Dance

Nationality: China
Residency location: TBD
Partner organization: TBD

Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang, now lives in Chengdu. Choreographer, dancer, artist of Cite des Art Paris and A4 International Resident Art Center, international first-class actor, one of the first national top talents of the Ministry of Culture of China. She studied at the Sichuan Dance School and the Centre de Developpement Choregraphie in Toulouse, France. She was invited to perform live in the 40th-anniversary celebration of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, and in 2020 performed LES CHAUVES SOURIS DU VOLCAN in the Theatre Of the Centre Pompidou, and Biopigs in The Arsenic in Lausanne, Switzerland.

She has also been recognized by The French music and culture magazine “In Les Rockuptib” and Huffpost, the Huffington Post as a promising dancer and theatrical performer and as one of the artists featured In the 2020 Column of the French Cultural Center. The seventh, the eighth national Taoli Cup youth group a, youth group gold and silver award winner. She and Yuen Seung-lun choreographed and performed Jing for the Hong Kong Dance Company, which won the Best Small Production award at the 2020 Hong Kong Dance Year Awards. Her work “Moli” was performed in 2020 Beijing Youth International Drama Festival and the first Mid-Levels Dance Week, and won the “Zebra Award” best Dance Theater of the first Youth Drama Festival and the “Best Body Award” of the third Shenzhen Contemporary Drama Biennale. The choreographed work “February 3rd, Fine” was performed in Guangzhou Grand Theatre, Shanghai International Dance Center and other places; Her work “One Cycle” was invited to participate in the first “Anaya Theater Festival” art center performance.

“Because of my 10 years experience in Chinese and French art, I always walk between different countries in the name of art, and become interested in different cultures. Switzerland in particular, where the environment is very quiet and comfortable and the art scene is very prosperous. We have also performed at the Arsenic Theatre in Lausanne in two theatre productions with the French troupe “Zerep”.

The idea for this residency, “Skin”, comes from the relationship between the body and environmental pollution. The work will start with the performer’s body. I would choose to use different environmentally friendly materials, or other materials with a certain amount of environmental pollution, to connect it with the performer’s body, voice, or installation. The whole aesthetic preconception is the imagination between and color. Also add the visual imagination of color. It can be a person or a group. In my opinion, this is a contemporary art work with a relatively partial concept.”


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