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Digital Research Trip | How to empower the future?

Research Trip is designed to help professionals and practitioners in the art industry find inspiration, expand networks, and lay the foundation for new projects.

Digital Research Trip not only provides an alternative when restrictions on international travel prevent us from conducting field trips in person, but it could also become a sustainable, energy-efficient means of international communication that bears goodwill to the environment.

A trip might start with a question: What is the first step of action, if I want to reach a specific art professional from another country in order to complete my project?

If you are a musician searching for a Chinese partner to co-produce a record; a performance artist seeking to create a theater piece with Chinese collaborators; a curator looking to learn about works by Chinese artists that might fit an exhibition you are planning…

If this sounds like what’s in your head, then a Digital Research Trip is set for you!

With the help of a local coach, the selected participants will improve their understanding of the trends in the Chinese art world, in anticipation of future collaborations between artists, curators, and programmers from China and Switzerland.

Whenever international travel resumes, with an open vision that allows exploration, connection, collision, and experimentation, the seeds planted during these digital exchanges will take root and come to fruition.

Apply now

At least 3 months before your trip begins.



A maximum of 4 weeks

Target group

  • Music: Musician, sound and interdisciplinary artist, music promoter, festival programmer, curator (sound art, music, hybrid)
  • Performing arts: Performing artist, curator, programmer
  • Visual arts: Visual artist, curator

Pro Helvetia Shanghai offers

  • A Chinese coach, who will provide professional guidance and support (recommended by Pro Helvetia Shanghai or suggested by the applicant)
  • Due to the online nature of Digital Research Trip, no travel expenditure or per diem will be covered
  • Depending on the completion of the research, funding might be available for the following projects developed out of this Digital Research Trip

Selection criteria

  • Convincing track record: artistic activity with a national/ transregional reach
  • Sufficient knowledge of the respective foreign language(s)
  • Context-related motivation and ability to carry out the research project
  • Relevance to Switzerland and concrete cross-cultural exchange project with a lasting impact

Application Materials (in English)

  • CV (Mandatory)
  • Portfolio (Optional)
  • Plan for the Digital Research Trip (Mandatory), including research objective; Swiss institutions, artists, or other professionals you’d like to connect with; if you need recommendations, then disciplines of interest and research focus must be provided
  • Proposal for the future project (Optional), including project vision, implementation plan, and approximate timeline


Applications may be submitted via myprohelvetia.ch on an ongoing basis, but at the latest 3 months before the trip is due to begin. Applications must be submitted in English. Should you encounter any questions, please contact cfu@prohelvetia.ch.

* Due to system requirements, please fill in “1” for each cost item under the page “Budget data”.

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