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Swiss Window in Asia Performance Art Series

Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China — Performing Arts, Theatre

Duration: March 17-27, 2016
Curator: Stéphane Noël
Alexandra Bachzetsis
Marie-Caroline Hominal
Yann Marussich
La Ribot
Martin Schick

Power Station of Art, Shanghai
Penghao Theatre, Beijing
Hong Kong Art Center, Hong Kong
WING | Platform for Performance, Hong Kong
OX Warehouse, Macao
Supported by: Pro Helvetia Shanghai, Swiss Arts Council

“Swiss Window in Asia” is a series of performance art events supported by Pro Helvetia Shanghai and takes tour from Shanghai to Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao from March 17-27, 2016, presenting to the viewers five talented Swiss performers whose works range from performance, theater, dance, to visual arts. As topic initiators, active on the international stage, were relatively not well-known in China. The series concluded with 83 shows (including one-to-one shows) and 1500 audiences, and have fueled heated discussion and brought wide attention.

As a follow-up of this well-acclaimed series Marie-Caroline Hominal returned to China with her dance and musical performance “Silver”, to tour from Shanghai Drama Arts Centre, to Wuhan and Chonqing from Nov.25-Dec.3, 2016.

After his participation with the breathtaking piece “Bain Brisé” at Swiss Window in Asia, Yann Marussich has conducted a 2-3-week residency project with Anne Rochat in March 2017. Yann has performed his renowned piece “Blue Remix” (2007) at the opening of “Post-sense Sensibility: Trepidation and Will” at McaM Shanghai.

Yann Marussich, Bain Brisé, 2016, performance at Power Station of Art, Shanghai. Click image above to watch video taken by Liang Yue, 12’36”
Marie-Caroline Hominal, Le triomphe de la renommée, 2016, Performance at Power Station of Art, Shanghai. Click image above to watch video taken by Liang Yue, 24’7″

Yann Marussich, “Blue Remix”, 2017, performance, 40′-60′, photo by McaM Shanghai


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